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Flyouts 2018

Adventure, Variety,
Fun, Experience

This year we are organising a wider range of Cross Countries and Flyouts with new destinations and even a cross-Alps, "Adriatic Adventure".

Building on the success of the 2017 flyouts, James and Steve have created a wider range of cross-countries and flying adventures for all experiences and budgets.
Whether you are a low-hours PPL wanting a taste of Europe, or an aspiring CPL wanting to hour-build with CV-expanding continental routes and destinations, we are offering something for everyone.

If you are new to SFC's Flyouts, everything is provided for you within the safety of SFC's Instructor's advice and support structure. Each Flyout is accompanied with a thorough
no-previous-experience-required Briefing, routes and information.

You will be taught and assisted in completing Flight Plans, filling in Border Force GAR forms, Mass & Balance reports, Fuel calculations and obtaining UK and foreign NOTAMS and Weather.

The dates and estimated flying times are given on the right sidebar. The times given are total flying times, so if you share with a fellow pilot you can divide the time in half. If you want to share with two other pilots then you can share the flying three-ways.

If you are a qualified PPL, but want to take an Instrcutor for comfort then why not take a Warrior and a friend in the back-seat. If you have a PPL and are confident enough, then you can either take your own plane or rent a SFC plane. If you are a PPL Student, then you are encouraged to join us with your instructor as the experience will broaden your flying ability.

Many of the Destination Web pages are currently placeholders, as either negotionsa with the relevant airfields is on-going, or logistics are still being planned. Please be sure to return on a regular basis for updates on particular destinations.

To book your place, all you have to do is choose your Flyout, go take a look at the Web page specific to that destination and once you are happy that you can guarantee the time off, book on-line to reserve your place (with guests if you like).

We may ask for a holding deposit on some bigger Flyouts, but this is detailed on the relevant Web page for that Flyout. Simple!!

We look forward to flying with you.


Flyout Dates


10th Calais in the Sun: 2Hr


8th Reims-Champagne Run: 5Hr

16-21th Croatia Expedition:
10-20 Hrs


5th Cerfontaine, Belgium: 4Hr

14-15th Bielefeld, Germany: 8Hrs
20-22 Scotland I: 24Hrs


1-3rd Scotland II: 24 Hrs
10th Hoeven, Holland: 5 Hrs
19-20th Dinard, France 6Hrs
25-27 Scotland III: 24 Hrs


14th Le Touquet-Steak Frites : 3Hrs
17-19th Scotland IV: 24Hrs
31st Scilly Isles: 6Hrs


11th Middleburg, Holland: 4Hrs

17-19th Scotland V: 24 Hrs


9th Cherbourg: 6 Hrs